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April 5, 2015

Time once again to say Hi and let you in on all that has been going on with Caribou Hills Cabin Hoppers.  Another year with very little snow fall, but looks like most of you have pulled out your summer toys and made the best of it.

The T200 was sadly missed and loss of dog musher training on the trails, we have all enjoyed sharing the trails with the mushers and their dogs enjoying the beauty of the Caribou Hills.  Hopefully next year will be a great snow year, we are due for a good year of snow.

The WOW ride was also canceled due to lack of snow, but the event went on and was bigger and better than ever.  The girls did a great job with the costumes, all were outstanding this year, and they did a great job raising money for WOW.  Kathy Lopeman, event coordinator, and her crew, all volunteers, did a great job raising $115,000 at the last count.  This is thanks to all of you who gave what you could, the sponsors, and all of the gift donations.  Also a big thanks to Freddie’s Roadhouse for providing a great place to have this large event.  Another big thanks to the crew at Freddie’s who helped out Chris, Steve, Tony, Jaye, Sam, Tony Rae and Jennifer Henley they did a great job.  The money raised at this event goes to family and friends dealing with cancer treatment and care on the Kenai Peninsula.  This year many donations and tributes were made in memory of Lynn Pollard who lost her battle with cancer, she will be sadly missed by her family and all who crossed paths with her.  Thanks again for all of you who helped make this a great year for WOW.

Family Fun Day was held regardless of no snow and slick roads, we still had a small crowd this year, but those of you who did make it had a great time talking with friends and family.  A thank you to Jeff Breakfield who was the event coordinator, John Blackman and Dave Ramsey on the grill, great burgers and dogs.  Also a thanks to all of you who brought great dishes for the pot luck.  Thanks again to Freddie’s Roadhouse and the crew for helping make this a great event.  A congratulations goes out to Haley Blackman, age 4, who was the grand prize winner in the 5 and under division, and the only participant, she went home with lots of toys and prizes.  A thank you to Don Marsh who provided fun and prizes for the younger Cabin Hoppers.  Thanks again to all of you who made it to the Family Fun Day, we will see the rest of you hopefully on the July 4th party. 

The ORTAB grant for $100,000 has tentatively been approved for the purchase of a new 2015 Piston Bully 400 Snow Cat.  This will finally give the club a new Snow Cat that will last the club for at least 20 years.  The board of directors voted at the April meeting to make this purchase, the total cost of $220,000 plus shipping.  We also voted to sell the 1985 Piston Bully 200, we have had this machine for almost 20 years.  Freddie Pollard bought the PB 200 for $20,000, the full asking price, and is going to be leaving it at Freddie’s in case it is needed as a backup, when we get all of that snow next year.  We have accepted his offer and made the sale.  Also a big thank you to Jaye Northey for all of her time and effort into applying for the ORTAB grant to make this possible.  If you have any questions on this purchase please feel free to call me for any information you need. 

The next General Meeting will be April 7th, Tuesday, at 6:30 pm, at Mykel’s Restaurant in Soldotna (downstairs).  This will be the last General Meeting of this season and is also election night, to vote for next season’s officers and board members.  All of the officers serve a one year term.  The nominations this year are as follows:

For President:  Kathy Lopeman and Michelle Williams     
Vice President:  Jeff Breakfield
Treasurer:   Shelley Ramsey                                                       
Secretary:   Jaye Northey
Board Members 3 year term:     Freddie Pollard and Randy Wheeler

Hope everyone can make it, remember this is your club you make it what it is.

Well that is all for now except for me to say thanks to all of you for letting me serve as your president for the last 4 years, it has been great to be a part of this great club.  I would especially like to thank my wife Jaye for all she has done to help me with the paperwork and keeping me on track.  Also would like to thank all of the officers Shelley Ramsey, treasurer, who keeps all of the books and pays the bills, thanks Shelley.  Thanks to Dave Ramsey who has been such a help with the events and does all of the pull tabs, Jeff Breakfield the vice president who keeps up on our web page and right of way issues.  Another thanks to Steve Attleson who serves in the past president seat and helps with SAR and events you are always welcome back to serve as an officer or on the board, thank you for your years of service to CHCH.  A special thanks to all of the board members past and present, you have been great to work with, I thank you for all of the time and effort you have made to make this club work.      

Last but not forgotten are our groomer guys, they are the guys that keep our trails open and as smooth as possible.  I would like to thank you all for your time and effort.  Thank you to the operators and grooming coordinators:  Tinker (Gary Anderson), Glen Smalley (best hair) and John Blackman.  Also special thanks to the groomers: Gary Eoff, Ken Coleman, Freddie Pollard and Larry Davis.  Also a thanks to those who have worked on and maintained our equipment, Steve Calabresse and Paul Cooper.  A thanks to anyone who I have missed, I appreciate the help from everyone.

Everybody please give the time you can, that’s what makes our club so special, volunteer when you can.  You all have a great and safe summer.  See you at the July 4th party.

Your past president,

Rick Northey                                                                               

Rick Northey, CHCH Past President, 252-1782, chchpres@hotmail.com


Please respect private property and stay on the trails unless you have permission to cross.

If you don’t know who’s property you are on, stay off!
Littering has also become a recent problem, if you “Pack it in, Pack it out”!
Contact: Pam Stoltzfus 283-3470, stoltz1@alaska.net for garbage clean-up assignments along Oil Well Road.

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