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The “Caribou Hills Cabin Hoppers” is a Non-profit volunteer organization established in 1987 to promote, develop and secure safe recreational trails for public use. Our common goal is to preserve these trails for future generations. To be enjoyed summer and winter by hikers, hunters, bikers, backpackers, cross-country skiers, dog mushers, snowmachiners, skijoring, and anyone who desires to enjoy our great public lands. These are our members. They come from all walks of life. We promote safe and courteous use of the trails for the enjoyment of everyone. Our fundraising proceeds are used to maintain our equipment, develop safe trails, and provide public access. We also participate in community programs and other charitable activities. We are a volunteer organization, so please join us in our efforts.   

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For Immediate Release, January 26, 2018
Please see attached News Release for Snowmachine Opening Update


(12-22-17) The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is Open to motorized vehicles in the Caribou Hills.

For news release information: http://Kenai.fws.gov
or call the Refuge Headquarters for more information 262-7021



Caribou Hills Cabin Hoppers Club News 9-19-2017

I hope everyone had a great summer and prosperous Hunting Season.  Just an update on up-coming Events and Happenings with your Snowmachine Club!

Annual Kick-Off Party
November 4th, Saturday 6pm - Soldotna Sports Center
New Sleds for Viewing
This Event is of course Free for our members, but if you would like to invite your friends and get them introduced to the club this would be a great time!  There will be a fee for non-members choosing to have a meal.  The Upper Deck is our No-Host Bar.
Anyone interested in helping set up and clean up, please contact: 398-4247 Sylvia; 398-4293 Jeff

The Grooming crew Gary Eoff, Ken Coleman, Steve Calbrese and Bob Walker have been hard at it this summer getting the Groomers ready for all the snow we are going to have.  When you see them please tell them “Thank You” for all their volunteer hours of maintenance during the summer when most of us aren’t even thinking about those fabulous Groomed Trails.

PB400 - Performed all recommended preventative maintenance, lube, oil and filter changes as required. Everything was good.  Replaced defective hydraulic oil level sensor.  Installed auxiliary fuel tank and pump.  Drilled out and installed larger bolts in hitch assembly,  tighten numerous nuts and bolts, replaced broken grease zerks and etc.  Replaced broken rear turn signal and flasher light as well as burned out bulbs in front lights.  Replaced flag on light whip & inspected machine from top to bottom. Cleaned cab inside and out.  Machine is ready for winter.

PB200 - Still being worked on.  Serviced machine as required.  Trouble shot and repaired defective cold weather starting system on engine, including coolant temp sensor and 100 amp fuses.  Replaced O-Rings on hydraulic cooler hose and sight glass that were leaking and ordered 5 new hoses, one that was leaking and 4 drive motor hoses with blisters that are getting ready to fail.  Installed all electrical wires & switch and pump in fuel line for auxiliary fuel tank.  Relocated rear drag hydraulic control valves and moved storage box back to provide more deck space.  Replaced instrument light bulbs, missing bolts from radiator shroud, labeled all switches in cab, replaced flag on whip, and miscellaneous other minor issues. Still have to replace front axle & rear drive sprocket.  Will repair broken track band and install aux fuel tank which is being modified at Nicks Welding.

Limb Beaver - We have built a new hydraulic cylinder guard and purchased new hose that Steve will make and it should be ready to go.

Tucker is “For Sale” - see add on CHCH Website and Facebook (soon)
Fall Trail maintenance still needs to be done!  Please call us to help out.

Thanks all & hope to see you on November 4th.  Think Snow!!!

Caribou Hills Weather Station

 Weather Underground PWS KAKNINIL7

Hill's Weather Video Cam Live

The Snot Hill Bypass Bridge has been removed on Jesse’s Trail (CIRI Private Property)

The Snowmobile Trails Advisory Council (SnowTRAC) needs your help to decide where “your” snowmobile registration dollars should go. Your responses will allow us to put grooming dollars where you, the riders, want them.

Please go to this website and complete the SnowTRAC Survey. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/grants/snowmotr.htm

This is very important to fund snowmobile trail development and maintenance, as well as snowmobile safety and education programs.

Please forward this link to all snowmachiners you know and support your riding area!


Please respect private property and stay on the trails unless you have permission to cross.

If you don’t know who’s property you are on, stay off!
Littering has also become a recent problem, if you “Pack it in, Pack it out”!
Contact: Jeff Breakfield 398-4293, jbcabo33@hotmail.com for garbage clean-up assignments along Oil Well Road.

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